Whitney was a singer with an angel’s voice and was raised in a very conservative Baptist Christian family. Her marriage to the popular bad boy Bobby Brown was a turning point in her life that led to her death.
1. MISSIONARY DATING GONE WRONG. Missionary dating occurs when one is aware of the negative attitudes and destructive habits of your life partner to be but one ignores them hoping that the person will change after marriage. Bobby Brown who, though five years younger than Houston, has three illegitimate children with two other women and a well-known drug addict.
2. MONEY MAGNET: Bobby was broke when she met Whitney Houston who was worth then over 85 Million US dollars. Ladies, be careful when a jobless or homeless man propose marriage to you or want to borrow from you because he has proposed.
3. FANTASY NOT REALITY: Her mother and saintly cousin, Dionne Warwick efforts to help Whitney from being badly influenced by her husband hit the rocks. Her song that was borrowed from Dolly Parton titled “ I will Always Love You’’ was said to be a symbolic gesture to Bobby her husband. Part of the songs says “If I should stay, I would only be in your way
So I’ll go but I know, I’ll think of you every step of the way….
And I… will always love you, ooh…..Will always love you,,You..My darling, you…Mmm-mm”
4. SHE BECAME A DRUG USER….The American press soon reported that Bobby had lured Whitney to hard drugs like marijuana and cocaine. She started losing her balance, weight, reputation and endorsements. Her career began to fell apart.
5. HUSBAND NEVER CARED: While her family, friends and fans were worried about her to rehabilitate her, Bobby Brown saw money making opportunities in her crisis. In 2004, Bobby Brown began filming a reality show for Bravo entitled Being Bobby Brown; Houston received substantial airtime. The show aired during the worst years of the couple’s crumbling marriage; drug use, lifestyle excess and bad behavior were all caught on tape and Houston’s reputation sunk to new lows. Houston tried to ignore the controversy, charging ahead with her music by releasing Just Whitney… to combat her detractors, but it did not match the success of her earlier works.
6. DIVORCE WAS THE ONLY OPTION: Over the next few years, Houston attempted to repair her marriage and to break her drug habit, but after several relapses her mother Cissy had to step in. As Houston explained to Oprah Winfrey in 2009: “[My mother] walks in with the sheriff and she says: ‘I have a court injunction here. You do it my way or we’re not going to do this at all. You’re going to go on TV, and you’re going to retire. And say you’re going to give this up because it’s not worth it.'” Whitney took a break from her career, divorced Bobby Brown in 2007 and won sole custody of their child, Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown.
7. AND SHE DIED…. the 48-year-old singer died from “drowning” and “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use. “Houston’s toxicology report found “cocaine and metabolites” were contributory to Houston’s death, but it also found other substances in her body including marijuana, Xanax, Flexiril, and Benadryl. Her only daughter for Bobby named Bobi-Katarina is now also seriously sick due drug abuse.
8. BOBBY MOVED TO ANOTHER WOMAN: On June 19 2012, Bobby married his baby mama Alicia Etheredge. Whitney died on 12th February 2012. So Bobby wedded just four months after her death.
9. Never ever marry out of sentiments or stupid illusions that you will change your husband or wife after marriage. The chances are slim. Always be on alert when your spouse or life partner to be want lure you into destruction pathway. Whitney could have never imagined that Bobby could not mourn for 6 months before wedding. Marriage is still a mystery. Make a wise choice before marriage and be wiser after marriage.


Author: World Faithful Catholics

It's all about the True Teaching of the Catholic Faith contained in the Holy Scriptures. We need knowledge as Catholics to survive as His Faithful Children. The Word of God says: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me.And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. >> Hosea 4:6 (RSVCE) We are proud to be part and core members of the World Faithful Catholics. Join us by liking the page to enable you contribute your quota towards the spread of the Gospel of Christ our Saviour.

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