The Anointing that breaks the yoke:

The Anointing that breaks the yoke: What It Is and How It Works:

The anointing, or divine enabling, removes burdens and destroys yokes. It enables people to do better in life than they could without the anointing. The anointing is a “performance enhancer” and is the master key to accomplishment and fulfillment in the life of a Christian.
The anointing is the master key to accomplishment and fulfillment.
1.The anointing removes burdens and destroys yokes, and it is a “performance enhancer” (Luke 4:18; Isaiah 10:27).
2.The level of anointing you have determines your level of productivity.
a) You don’t need the anointing if you are not doing anything.
3.It is because of the anointing that you can be like God in the demonstration of power.
4.The anointing is an outflow of the Holy Spirit through a human vessel.
5.When God is with you, you are anointed.
a) You are anointed for a mission.
b) You can’t occupy your throne without the anointing.
6.You must exercise the anointing in your life if you want to see it increase.
a) Lack of use brings decay.
b) Active use of the anointing increases maturity.
c) When you use your anointing, God is glorified.


Author: World Faithful Catholics

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